And it continues for Renault R4 4L fans!!
The Black Window Locks to Screw for Renault R4 4L are soon in stock!!
It's incredible !!
What an avalanche of good news!! 😂😂😂
But where are we going to store all this!!
See you soon, Martin.

verrou vitre visser noir renault r4 4L

Finally, we restart the procedure!! Let's go for the return to stock of the protective plates!
He was less one for the preparation of the 4 Alpes 😅😅
See you soon, Martin.

kit plaques protection renault 4L R4

That's it, finally! The comeback.
Except that this time, the locks are complete!
There's just !
See you soon !! Martin.

verrou vitre renault estafette 2
verrou vitre renault estafette 1
verrou vitre renault estafette 3

Just for info...
I advise you all, and I also advise you to give the info to your friends who ride in 4L, to subscribe to our newsletter.
*** Those who have already done it, can start again, there was a problem deleting the lists
I say it like that 😇😇😇

See you soon, Martin.


inscription newsletter

Prepa Truck Assistance 4Alpes !!
Guys, we feel that the pressure is mounting for the Raid Aples then Corse de SDO!
And you ? Are you preparing for the 4L?
We see each other very quickly in the beautiful landscapes of France and in the atmosphere of the raid!
Good Sunday to all !! 😍😍
See you soon, Martin.

preparation du 4Alpes assistance raid renault R4 4L

So put 2 spal fans in 280mm, put two probes, and then we try on my case of the box! Then, we put all this in the car, and we test to see how it goes! Soon new products in the catalog I hope! See you soon, Martin.

radiateur alu gros volume renault 4L

For those who don't know, a great spot to go to the beach, in the Gard, department 30, in the south of France! For those who would like to find out, send me an email! (Watch out for mosquitoes ^^)

renault r4 4l f4 beauduc

Well, this year, we couldn't go to the Estafette rasso of the association, because of... Covid!

renault estafette microcar luxe vehicules anciens fr