New product for Estafette coming soon ! The seal for the fuel tank of Estafette !

Renault Estafette parts

That's it, the first releases are "allowed"! Even in the presence of the heating in the "camper", we slowed our excursions, and what happiness to resume! Because even if we drive every day in Estafette or 4L, the only cars we owned (except some other old collections), to make the road, it's still the best !! And you, what have you done this weekend! Go to our Facebook page for debrief >>> Facebook page

Would you like to buy your parts from sellers who do not even use the car?

Early season obliges, this first exit was the theater of some funny crossings! See the videos in a row!

Arrival of window slide for plastic frame 4l. Not a hack or we add the normal slide inside patati patata.
1 pallet on 6 in the 4l ... we will make several trips!

4L R4 parts Estafette Renault

The specials old headlights for Estafette are now available in presale. You can reserve your. We are waiting after the delivery date, in 3/4 months. You can follow theses informations in our "refabrication en cours" section, or in the newsletter we send each month.

Renault Estafette Old headlight

You can now order for this new parts !! It would be nice to finish a beautifull car !

Renault Estafette turn signal glass seal

As you know, we have a network developing partner garages, which are OK to repair your Renault Estafette, R4, 4L, 4L F4, 4L F6... with our parts !!

And here is a new one for the enthusiasts who roll in the 87! Garage Vergers and Associates, here we present you the beautiful Estafette !!

Good road to all !

At the moment, and only for fans of 4L after 78, the TRW ball joint kit!
That's 81.12 € instead of 101.40 € !! And postage from 3.99 € do not forget :)

R4 4L TRW ball set

Vast debate that rubber parts. And then those handles. Bad. We developed a seal that "take the handle". And even to go to the end, we decided that the handles in remaking were good to help, but for the fans of the origin.
Here is the step. Among the handles mounted at the time, we will reproduce that with a "D" behind, as in the photo.
The joints are ready, and only associated with this handle. The handles arrive :-)


(PS: sorry for the face of the handle :-))