Come on, everyone had to recover from the end of the year holidays and their excesses !! The coils are heated, the screws are adjusted, the oil is drained and the brakes are controlled: direction Le Temps Jadis, Gathering for all our 4l's, Estafette, R6, Rodeo and Gulet from Europe and the galaxy ???? !! This year novelty, outdoor projection "Drive in" open to all the old Friday night (June 29): The Visitors, sound in your car by FM post :-) Guaranteed sensations !!
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Sandrine: 06 31 23 70 18
Martin: 06 76 28 14 87
Anthony: 06 10 18 23 34

You are looking for driving a Food Truck to start a new job, but you don't know how to do ? We will try to help you with our partners. Some of them is perhaps the builder of your futur car ! *

Have a look on our list of partners !

Estafette Food Trucks makers

Out of stock during few months, they are coming back !! You can reserves your Estafette water pimp by following this link ! Here the body ready to be assembled, with the VADEV writing :)

Shipping of the parts at the end of Februar :)

Estafette water pumps VADEV

Coool , remanufacturing is starting soon !! Reserves yours (Photo show used parts) :

Cool product ! Aluminium radiator for Renault Estafette with mecanic fan :)

For people who want to install rear seats in their Estafette :)

Rear headlight cover are soon available. Don't forget to reserve yours at better price !!

rear headlight cover

Project at work !! We are now working on front drive, motor, gearbox. All these parts are disassemble for better job !!

Renault Estafette Projet 004

Conception, but, which are the parts ? Estafette drivers must know :)

conception cabochon estafette