Just quick note to warn all concerned, hesitant... The windshield caps palette for 4L is about to leave home manufacturer.

The most interesting pre-price therefore will be ending soon, when it will arrive to our warehouse !!

To enjoy the offer, click on the picture !! :)

Casquette pare-brise 4L

That's it, back ! Damien, of the vehicules-anciens.fr team, ended its road trip Uzes (30) -> Norway (up there), with its 67 '!! He was able to retest the efficacy of 8x40 crwon wheel and pinioon we have mounted in its gearbox. Another gearbox that accumulates over 12.000km with this mounting !!

In short, we must especially enjoy the beautiful pictures of the two lovers in the Nordic countries, which can be enjoyed by following this link !!

estafette en norvège

estafette en norvège

We start our project 004 ! Click on the picture to have more informations !! 

Estafette Renault Fourgon

This week end we meet our customers on the event "Le Rasso des Pops" to Azay le Rideau in the Indre-et-Loire !

1400 km with our 2 estafette to be present on this young event (2nd édition) !

We were enjoy to meet you and we'll continue to do others events !!

See you soon !



Join us at Rasso Pops 2016 ! We can deliver parts that you have ordered in advance by selecting as postage " RASSO OF POPS ..." ! We will be delighted to see you there ! See you soon then!vacances vehicules-anciens.fr


During our hollidays, come to post your photos on our facebook webpage ! Clic on the photo !

vacances estafette microcar luxe

Have you ever see this "Estafette" ?

Try to find what is it by posting your idea on our Facebook webpage (clic on the picture).

estafette bizarre

estafette bizarre

We get the goods !! You can order !!

soufflet levier vitesse estafette

This is available , the new kits are ready for sale !

These new kits from vehicules-anciens.fr come from a knowledge and practice of over 13 years of the model. They allow you to set a recurring problem, which is taking game between the hub and the drive shaft on the front , modification adjustments that led to losing his wheel ; as old persons said us when they talk about Estafette.

This kit is sold in exchange for old parts. A price of € 1999.90 for two wheels is proposed for the first series , instead of the expected € 2,499.90 .
The commercial proposal takes place in three stages:
=> Total commitment by the customer order taking,
=> Parts building,
=> Sending old items by the client receiving in exchange new to mount.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !