Join us at Rasso Pops 2016 ! We can deliver parts that you have ordered in advance by selecting as postage " RASSO OF POPS ..." ! We will be delighted to see you there ! See you soon then!vacances


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vacances estafette microcar luxe

Have you ever see this "Estafette" ?

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estafette bizarre

estafette bizarre

We get the goods !! You can order !!

soufflet levier vitesse estafette

This is available , the new kits are ready for sale !

These new kits from come from a knowledge and practice of over 13 years of the model. They allow you to set a recurring problem, which is taking game between the hub and the drive shaft on the front , modification adjustments that led to losing his wheel ; as old persons said us when they talk about Estafette.

This kit is sold in exchange for old parts. A price of € 1999.90 for two wheels is proposed for the first series , instead of the expected € 2,499.90 .
The commercial proposal takes place in three stages:
=> Total commitment by the customer order taking,
=> Parts building,
=> Sending old items by the client receiving in exchange new to mount.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !


The Jeannot Estafette need to be repair ! We'll look for that next week !


Find the film with a little story around Estafette Kinder Surprise ! Thanks to Tomek & Tomek and Studio Goupil for this video !


Find the photos of the sample of our last project. Production start now !! 

Presales comes to the ending.

soufflet_levier_vitesse_estafette_R2131_R2130_R2132_R2133_R2134_R2135_R2136_R2137_7700523543_ VA8105_27_22


This 4L GTL has to the Office of a surprise !! Provided by us, a small revision, changing tires , hoses, bumpers, a good wash once ... so that the customer succeeds his shot !! But chuuuuuuut !! you must keep it a secret !



The lucky's autostar's Owner want us to make this engine start again ! ;) Great Estafette !!