The remanufactured Estafette Exhaust pipes prototypes arrived ! We test it on our vehicules before starting the production.

You can reserve your by advance order and paiment ! Click here !

We love it !

Pictures :

echappement estafette

echappement estafette

Starters for Cléon engines are available :

Ref. Cléon 4L 75,90€ with no return of your old part !!
Ref. Cléon Estafette

Démarreur Estafette et 4L

Now available, the 4L, R4 spare parts catalog of ! Refund when you valid a 100€ basket !

catalogue 4L

Now you can order ! Estafette fuel gauge are available !

estafette fuel gauge

The Estafette water pump are now available !! 99,90€. Clic on the picture to order !

pompe à eau estafette

Look how beautiful it is !!

Estafette fuel gauge are in production and will soon arrive in our stock. Soon .... you know what quality reproduction means , dates announced from generally being pushed ;) But it is in the pipes.

estafette fuel gauge


Here it is, the manufacture of sample is ongoing, and we validate for the product , take photos and show you all that !!
Sold online only complete , € 179.90 excluding postage.
You can book yours now , delivery is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2016.

échappement estafette


We moved this Estafette yesterday. Nothing shocks you ?


Here is our new kit raid skid plates, 4L . He takes into account the latest enhancements. Welcome to V2.0 kit !!

protection plates 4L

Here is the latest arrival ! As usual, we will store it until a client with a project.