Here is some information for installing your instruments in your Renault R4 4L or Renault Estafette. Click on the image to read the tutorial!


Find in this article the mounting tips for our VA87501-KVD dual fan kit. Click on the image to be redirected to the tutorial! :-)


kit ventilateur additionnel renault R4 4L 5

To find, the tutorial for the installation of this probe. Follow the link to read the article, by clicking on the image ;-)

sonde montage double ventilateur renault 4 2

paiement 4X sans frais

New option on our site! Pay in 4X free of charge thanks to Paypal! Do not hesitate to take advantage of this new option to improve your shopping experience and the management of your budget!

We have improved our fuel pumps, in particular on 2 points:
> Calibration of the outlet pressure recorded in the specifications, we had forgotten the first time, thinking they knew, and we had some feedback,
> Priming lever for lever pumps which allows mounting on Estafette and 4L Billancourt engines, which was not the case before,
> Foundry revisited and improved.

There's more to the little wolves !!

pompe a essence Renault 4 R4 4L Estafette avec levier amorcage 2

Please note, there will be no expedition on 12/09/2021 to 19/09/2021, because we will be assisting Raid 4L organized by SDO: Terre d'Aventure!

+ infos about the SDO Raids 4L :

We will be delighted to meet all the participants and have a great time with you!

Kisses to all and see you soon!

preparation 4alpes vehicules anciens fr pieces 4L estafette


preparation 4alpes vehicules anciens fr pieces 4L estafette 2 

That's it, after prototypes validated as it should, the products have now arrived in stock!

These cabochon gaskets for Renault R4 4L van F6 can now be ordered online to repair your beautiful car!

Cabochon seal for Renault R4 4L van F6


joint cabochon renault R4 4L F6 fourgonnette 2


Having become complicated to find, we decided to launch a remanufacturing of these ball joints specific to the 1961> 1965 and 1965> 1969 models :-) Our oldest 4Ls collected by some of you, will be able to take to the road serenely!

In addition, we have put together a small article to help you navigate the model years, with ease: click here to read all about it!

rotule suspension inférieure renault R4 4L 1961 1965 gauche 2

This gauge was developed for the Renault 5, but it is perfectly adaptable to our Renault 4 by slightly shortening the dip tube by removing the strainer and sawing the tube.

Isn't it easy, Basile?

Available on the site with the reference VA83101-4R at the price of 29.90 €!


jauge essence renault 5 r4 avec retour 2

jauge essence renault 5 r4 avec retour

We will be closed exceptionally from May 12 to 16, 2021.

fermeture exceptionnelle

Orders will not be possible from the 11th after 11am until the 14th during the day.

Shipments will resume normally from 05.17.

Have a good week !