Excluding the new turn signal plates for Renault R4 4L which are a faithful reproduction of an original part.

Another beautiful VADEV project which will be distributed with cabochons and seals :-)

To be continued, production is underway!

See you soon !


renault R4 4L support cllignotant avant VADEV


renault R4 4L support cllignotant avant VADEV 2

Congratulations to Guillaume (Renault 4) and Alex (Renault Estafette) for winning the photo competition for the end of 2020!

They will therefore both receive a voucher of 100 €, as well as a T-Shirt with their self reviewed and corrected by our artist Red Hot Tiki!

Too cooooool!


gagant renault 4L concours photos 2020

gagant renault Estafette concours photos 2020

This year, a little respite for my Estafette Hifly being upgraded, who participated in the 4L parts assistance of 4Alpes in 2019!
Suddenly, we change the machine for the assistance of 4Alpes whose launch is in less than a week; this Pinzgauer 712M from 1974 will be assigned to the job!
We hope to find some of you there to put faces to names !!
Enjoy the summer, and don't forget to prepare a nice photo of your Estafette or 4l for the contest in September!
Kisses to all and see you soon!

preparation 4alpes vehicules anciens fr pieces 4L estafette


preparation 4alpes vehicules anciens fr pieces 4L estafette 2 

This summer (July / August 2020), take the best photo of your Estafette or your 4L!

From September 1 to 15, we will organize a vote on our Facebook page so that the most beautiful Renault Estafette and the most beautiful Renault 4 are drawn by our friend Red Hot Tiki!

A voucher of 100 € to win for the most beautiful Estafette and the most beautiful 4L, and the designs added to our catalog of T-Shirts, Goodies, etc ...!

The result will be made by the votes counted in Galerie Estafette and Galerie 4L. The photo of each category having received the most votes will be selected!

All details are being drafted and will be accessible via the site!

So 3, 2, 1 ....


estafette renault hifly surf planche voile raid

4l fourgonnette Renault 4L

End of year vacation period!

We wish you all happy end of year celebrations, preparations in all sereneity ^^ !!

Please note, we will be on vacation from 22.12.2022 from 11 a.m. to 03.01.2022 8:00 a.m.
There will be no shipping during this period, they will resume as soon as we return the box!
Have a good week everyone and see you very quickly !! ;-)


renault estafette vehicules anciens fr en vacances

And our novelty available this afternoon (this morning I'm packing! .... orders 😂😂👍👍) Very nice piece!
Kisses to all, last stretch before the weekend ;-) !!

eclairage plaque arriere renault r4 4L estafette


eclairage plaque arriere renault r4 4L estafette 2


eclairage plaque arriere renault r4 4L estafette 3


Finally ! Real handles in a plastic worthy of our beautiful Renault 4L, and with a flawless finish!
A long-standing project!
Here are the photos of the prototype!
Happy weekend everyone !

poignee renault r4 4L nouveaute


poignee renault r4 4L nouveaute 2

We are starting our work on remanufacturing the ball joints for the Renault R4 4L from 1961 to 1968! That's it, the oldest of our favorite cars will be able to be fitted with new equipment!

These 4L parts are available as follows:
> Upper ball joints for Renault R4 4L until 1968,
> Lower suspension ball joints for Renault R4 4L from 1961 to 1965,
> Lower suspension ball joints for Renault R4 4L from 1965 to 1968.

See you soon for other news!


rotule 61 68 renault R4 4L 1

That's it, we have just started the construction for this part which is used to protect you (your clothes especially) from the closing system of the sliding door sliding driver of your Renault Estafette! News coming soon :-)

protege mecanisme porte coulissante chauffeur renault estafette


Good morning all !

We hope everything is for the best, and that the recent government announcements will be able to allow you to organize yourself to secure the people you love, and activate the solidarity around you, by being serene financially and socially.

Here is a point on the situation of our service to date, and likely to evolve in the coming days depending on new measures and / or operating situation of companies necessary for our general operation.

> Maintenance of work and shipments:
We maintain our work and our shipments (except collection points). We live and work in a small village. The road to get to our place of work is little used, and, on the spot, the space is widely available so that we can respect the recommendations of the government.

> Supplies:
We try to be as vigilant as possible about the stock situation so as not to mislead you. This is more daring than usual, but we know that you would be understanding in the event of a possible error. This beginning of the year having already been a bit chaotic on certain references.

> Changes in the situation:
In the event of a change in the situation, this could be immediate without us being able to send the pending packages. If ever the "estimated" delivery date were suddenly changed to a distant date, this will mean that the situation no longer allows the maintenance of our activity in reasonable sanitary conditions and / or that we have to face a decree prohibiting us from maintaining our activity temporarily and / or that an important service necessary for our activity is blocked (for example La Poste).

In any case, we thank you for your confidence and your messages of support in dealing with this extraordinary situation.

In all cases, it is absolutely necessary to prioritize the health of our loved ones, families, friends and fellow humans, whatever it costs the rest.

We hope that the management of this crisis will make it possible to return to normal quickly, to enjoy our beautiful French life again; café terraces, restaurant, park, Renault 4 or Estafette rides, ....

Le Temps Jadis, our Rally 4 Renault Estafette event in Uzes in July is not immediately questioned.

See you soon for new adventures,


The whole team of vehicules-anciens.fr