Part of the team, Sandrine, Martin and their children took the road during the holidays.

2053 KM in one week, from Uzes, to reach Italy, Pisa, Firenze, Lucca, Parma ...

The best of the best to unwind and enjoy life!

renault estafette vacances road trip italie 3

Your specialist distributor of spare parts for Renault R4 4L and Estafette on the internet,, is often called "VA"! So, we released this small Sticker for a nod to this regulatory call :-)


renault estafette R4 4L logo vehicules anciens fr

That's it, the school project has started! Our little F4 is in the hands of the students of Lycée Jules Fils and their teacher Stephane (whom you know, he is doing meca classes at Temps Jadis)!

renault R4 4l fourgonnette F4 vehicules anciens fr

*** Windscreen caps *** Sun Visor ***
That's it, we work direct manufacturer! So, it shows on the prices!
> 289.90€ pour la 4L,
> 329.90€ pour l'estafette,
Colors red, green, blue or smoke.
Time to put everything in place, one month before delivery!
Hold on, it's almost the weekend to take advantage of our boxes :-)
Kisses the friends !!

renault r4 4l casquette de pare brise pare soleil

renault estafette casquette de pare brise pare soleil

Here are the pictures of the proto of our new water pump Estafette which should arrive at the end of the year :-)

It's beautiful is not it?

renault Estafette pompe à eau

Soon, we continue advertising for our event Le Temps Jadis !
Sticker in your parcels soon :-)
Kisses to all, and have a good weekend!

renault r4 4l estafette rassemblement le temps jadis

When our customers make pictures of other guests :-)
It's great, it gives us great pleasure to have our little place in this fabulous world of the Renault 4 and the Estafette!
And where is your sticker?

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renault r4 4l de notre cliente

Hollow seal of 4L doors back !!
This time we received our cargo of 5000 linear meters, so before the next break, we are wide !! :-)
Kisses to all !!

renault r4 4l joint creux le retour

renault 4l marque vadev autocollant

renault estafette marque vadev autocollant