Brake or clutch shoe lining.

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This product is a service on your part or an exchange repair. Once the work is done on your old part, it will be shipped. The elements necessary to carry out the work are in stock.
Shipping costs from 3.99 € for France
Thickness of the filling:Add at least 1mm compared to the measurement of your old packing, unless it is new or little used.
Width of your brake shoe:(not the filling)
Length of your brake shoe (the greatest if different lengths):: (not the filling, see photo)
Qualiliness trim:Woven quality, contact us for availability.
Degreasing before operation.:If you do not want to clean / degrease your brake shoes before shipment.
Brake shoes material supplement:Aluminum Brake shoes require long surface treatment
Number of brake shoes to fill with the dimensions entered.:For example, on a car axle, 2 brake shoes on the right wheel, and 2 on the left wheel, i.e. 4 brake shoes.
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Green quality: Green quality is a softer product allowing better quality braking, and limiting the risk of squeaking noises when braking.

Select options corresponding to the characteristics of your brake shoes.

Your jaws must be shipped without a handbrake lever, spring, ...

Once the price displayed, put in your basket the article corresponding to the service.

You have the option of leaving a message at the end of the order. We ask you to provide:
> Diameter of the brake drums,
> If the drums have been rectified, please give us the new rating,
> Enter the manufacturer, model, type and year of the vehicle concerned,
> You can mention specific wishes (no calibration, a specific thickness for those who resume the turn ...)


Once your order has been placed, print the summary received by mail and attach it to your order.


The estimated shipping time is calculated as follows: 3 days for the receipt of your old parts, 1 week for the upholstery. This may vary slightly.

The estimated shipping time is calculated as follows: 3 days for receipt of your old parts, 1 week for filling. This may vary slightly.
Delivery time: Shipped about 1 week after receipt of your old parts.
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